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DX de DL6RAI21097.7 EA8LG EA8 1631Z
DX de KB3MI14106.3 VE7IO VE 1631ZPA
DX de KE2D14133.4 M2J G 1631ZNJ
DX de AB8O14075.6 HH2MK HH 1631ZOH
DX de SF0A14128.8 9H1CGRTTY9H 1631Z
DX de SP5NOF14080.0 EA7UWFT4 +02dB from IM76 1425HzEA 1631Z
DX de PA2LO7158.0 YD5LCZ60w, wire antenna, niceYB 1631Z
DX de DL1NCH14074.0 YB2RTFT8 -21dB from OI53 1797HzYB 1631Z
DX de M0RMY-63735.0 GB1SDR G 1631Z
DX de N6GP21103.2 PR2ERTTYPY 1631ZCA
DX de UF8T14135.2 SV2ESWRTTYSV 1631Z
DX de NS9I14120.0 VE6TKRTTYVE 1631ZWI
DX de W4EE21096.1 WP3CCQWW 8KP4 1630Z??
DX de ON3VI7134.0 ON3VILSB JO21dc -> JO21dcON 1630Z
DX de LU1EEP21074.7 EA8JKtnx 73EA8 1630Z
DX de DL6RAI21096.0 M2L G 1630Z
DX de DL1RI14075.4 SX1AFMtnx qsoSV 1630Z
DX de K5OA21096.4 PY2UDRTTYPY 1630ZCA
DX de VE3DZP14077.9 LZ5R LZ 1630Z??
DX de SP5NOF14080.0 NA6YFT4 -12dB from EL97 1566HzK 1630Z
DX de NA2U14127.2 WO4ORTTYK 1630ZAZ
DX de OM5CD14131.2 4Z5LY 4X 1630Z
DX de EA4DUT7002.0 4X6ZMcq4X 1629Z
DX de F4CXO18078.0 6W1TAJN26PP<>IK14GR HRD 529 QSB 736W 1629Z
DX de N6GP21078.3 AD4ESRTTYK 1629ZCA


WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=73,A=26,K=2,Minor w/G1 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<1200Z> SFI=73,A=26,K=2,Minor w/G1 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<0900Z> SFI=73,A=26,K=2,Minor w/G1 -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de N4ATJ<1232Z> Ham of the Century Special Event
To ALL de K9ICP<0019Z> Need to get on 75 for midwestern region. Please!!!!
To Local de N8DXE<2153Z> Rebooting PC to reboot Cluster to compact databases

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