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DX de PD5SS14002.0 7X2VFK 7X 0840Z
DX de RK6BCX14254.0 LA/DF9TMtnx QSOLA 0839Z
DX de VK4KC3634.0 VK4KC/5 VK 0839Z
DX de DL6JZ7026.0 DF70DARCop DK4LXDL 0838Z
DX de EC6PG14330.0 EC2AGSOTA EA2/BI-043EA 0838Z
DX de UA3CS14002.0 7X2VFKTnx new band.73!7X 0838Z
DX de UR8RF14035.0 ZA/Z33ST/PTNXZA 0838Z
DX de LZ5PW14013.0 DP70DARCtnx qsoDL 0838Z
DX de F8KFZ7082.0 F4FCE/Pfff 0758F 0838Z
DX de RA3X/114007.0 DL100BKWtnx QSODL 0837Z
DX de DK7ZT18100.0 SV9/F5RXLFT8 -02dB 406HzSV9 0837Z
DX de EW6AS21074.0 SV2CXWtnx QSOSV 0837Z
DX de SQ9S14037.5 LX/PA8MMcqLX 0837Z
DX de LZ3CQ21074.0 JJ0QJTTNX QSO 73JA 0837Z
DX de DL2IAJ7144.0 DK7JQ/PWCA DL- 01956DL 0836Z
DX de EA4GTJ10136.0 5T5PA 5T 0836Z
DX de I5ELQ18107.0 5R8UIF/H5R 0836Z
DX de SP9BCV18100.0 SP6EIY/PFT8 -10dB from JN99 1650HzSP 0836Z
DX de RA0ZIJ10138.6 XV1XCQ CQ FT83W 0836Z
DX de W0FLS7014.0 JA9LNZKHX TestJA 0835ZIA
DX de LZ5PW14002.0 7X2VFKtnx qso Djelfa7X 0835Z
DX de IZ4AMS21220.0 5B60ALXCQ JA - ASIA5B 0834Z
DX de LZ3CQ21074.0 BG4XXRTNX QSO 73BY 0834Z
DX de EA3AQR-128440.0 DO4NWJO43IQ<>JN11BJDL 0834Z
DX de EA1HTF7185.0 EA1DBXDiploma peregrinaEA 0834Z


WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=74,A=3,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=74,A=3,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=74,A=3,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de KC3LED<1508Z> yes sir
To ALL de KC3LED<1505Z> booming
To ALL de WD9IDV<1641Z> Bands are open,,,,try calling CQ.

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