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DX de N1PGA1831.0 DL8LASTnx QSO Andy - good sig tonighDL 0152ZMA
DX de VE7XFA14074.0 CO6XEFT8 -09dB from FL01 1859HzCM 0151Z??
DX de W8FIB-67012.0 CO5LBCQCM 0150Z??
DX de K6MKF14074.0 UN7JO UN 0148ZCA
DX de SP6QKM7074.0 KE1VTFT8 -04dB from FN34 1574HzK 0147Z
DX de K6MKF14074.0 JT1BV JT 0147ZCA
DX de K1XV7177.0 IS0HMZLuca, CQ DXIS 0146ZVT
DX de VE7XFA7074.0 VE4JLBFT8 +02dB from EN19 1258HzVE 0143Z??
DX de KG7V10137.2 HI8RMQ HI 0142ZWA
DX de SP6QKM7074.0 UT3IBFT8 +02dB from KN98 1247HzUR 0142Z
DX de W4AG7004.0 VU2GSMKantiVU 0140Z??
DX de PR7TU7074.0 J73HGLtnx FT8J7 0135Z
DX de SP6QKM7074.0 K4WMSFT8 -03dB 1421HzK 0134Z
DX de KG7V10137.2 VA3MJR VE 0134ZWA
DX de K4JAF5357.0 F5OIHFT8F 0131ZFL
DX de SP6QKM7074.0 RX3AMFT8 -07dB from KO85 458HzUA 0131Z
DX de N3SL14074.0 JT1BV JT 0131ZIA
DX de KC6MIE14075.0 VE3WWN VE 0130ZCA
DX de I1APQ7074.0 UK9AAft8 HZ 2891 [grid MN41] cqUK 0130Z
DX de VK3XN14074.0 9V1ZVCCC 9V*9V 0127Z
DX de N2RLH7195.0 Z36T Z3 0127ZNY
DX de KC6MIE14075.0 KP4EJ KP4 0126ZCA
DX de W1KDA7075.3 PY2RFL PY 0125Z??
DX de PR7TU3573.0 ZW61DFcq dxPY 0124Z
DX de N3SL14074.0 EX8MLE EX 0123ZIA


WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=74,A=7,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=74,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<1800Z> SFI=73,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de VE3JZE<0004Z> Parks On The
To ALL de VE3YFB<1547Z> Happy Easter to you and family
To ALL de KE4ZDJ<1556Z> Pota k-1292

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