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DX de EA3NT14055.0 EA3NT/MEAFF-0654-655EA 1343Z
DX de CT1EUB21276.8 PY4BZ57 59 obrigadoPY 1343Z
DX de EA5WI14074.0 SP95IARUFT8 Tnx 73SP 1343Z
DX de DF4WC14040.0 OY1CTcqOY 1343Z
DX de EA5IKT7092.0 EA3FNZVGAV-142 DME-05185EA 1343Z
DX de 9K2BS14300.0 9K59NLDsp...calllllllllll9K 1342Z
DX de W4IMD14074.0 OZ9ALH73 TNXOZ 1342ZGA
DX de F8DGY14047.0 KD2ITZCW 6 dB 18 WPM CQ K 1342Z
DX de LU1EEP18101.7 SP9DWT73SP 1342Z
DX de RT1I10107.2 R240Stnx QSOUA 1342Z
DX de OZ4O14042.0 OX3LXup1 - NA-134 Disko IslOX 1342Z
DX de HA5CPN18100.0 PJ2MANAll the bestPJ2 1342Z
DX de OK1FHD14016.2 RM3USergeUA 1341Z
DX de UZ5DX1848.0 OL7M OK 1341Z
DX de LZ5PW18074.0 XQ3SK/4tnx qsoCE 1341Z
DX de KB5KYX14254.0 F6KLO F 1340ZTX
DX de F4HER-1014190.0 FR5CBcq cq reunion island C REFFR 1340Z
DX de UZ5DX1852.0 EW5AcqEU 1340Z
DX de KG8V14265.5 OK2SAI OK 1340ZMI
DX de EA8AAB14163.0 TM5TT73sF 1340Z
DX de HA5CPN18100.0 CX3ATAll the bestCX 1339Z
DX de AB2KL14258.0 YP0C YO 1339ZNY
DX de IU5CJP14290.0 K2TRD59 CQ EUROPEK 1339Z
DX de SV2HSY14285.0 SV2HSY/PWCA SV-0001 / HCF TS001,CQSV 1339Z
DX de HB9HI-107181.0 F4GDOREF CONTESTF 1339Z


WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=72,A=9,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0900Z> SFI=72,A=9,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=72,A=9,K=0,No Storms -> No Storms


To Local de N8DXE<2135Z> Thius update takes a bit o time to install
To Local de N8DXE<2134Z> Folks - a renoot is required to nstall Win-7 Updates
To ALL de KB3WAA<0949Z> TO:IQ4FE/P che fine ha fatto?

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The SEND DX SPOT button capability has purposefully not been included

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